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Providing Arts Education For Our Youth

The arts are essential for the creative development of every child. Art and music improve children’s motivation, encourage self-discipline, and develop open-mindedness. Research shows that music and art help students do better in school.


Providing Arts Education For Our Youth

CAFÉ turns up the lights for everyone, exposing children to theater, song and dance “one stage at a time.”

CAFÉ offers students at local elementary and middle schools an opportunity to receive discounted tickets to world-class performances. Over the years, the program has facilitated private and group sessions.

CAFÉ provides children the chance to go to matinee performances. Students ages 5—18, at a cost of $5 to $10 per child, depending on the presentation. This is not just a performance series; emphasis is on enjoying an excellent intimate cultural experience that may include master classes for students, talkbacks and receptions with the artists.

Our goal is to make the arts open and engaging, so that anyone can experience the joy of the performing arts. Direct donations of any kind can help afford our youth the opportunity to experience the arts. Please contact us to make a donation. All of our programs are included in CAFÉ’s non-profit status and donations are tax-exempt.